Facilities List

Galaxy Electronics maintains a state-of-the-art facility to keep up with increasing demands of quality and production volume. This is not an inclusive list, but it shows our intent to maintain a modern facility.


Name Model Units
CNC Drilling Klingenberg 5 Spindles 3
Profiling Excellon 4 Spindles 2
Scoring Accu score 1
Laser Plotter Fire 9000 1
Printing Olec 2
Colight 1
Plating HPI Electroless 1
Copper, Tin, Nickel, Gold 6
Etching Chemcut 2
Developing, etc. Chemcut, ASI 5
Solder Masking, etc. Argus Spray, LPI, Screens 3
 Dry Film Dupont 1
Solder Leveling Avalon 1
Electrical Test Emma – ELX6146 1
Mania 1
Microcraft MP 220 1
Regist, Cores/Artwk Spartanic VMSA 83 1
Front End Engineering Cam 350 Software
Imark Software
Lavinier Software


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